Mayweather vs Mcgregor 

Press Conference – Barclays Centre

Round three of the four stop press conference hit the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday and based on the previous two shows it was a guessing game what the two showmen would be up to next? Unfortunately, the press conference was a very dull and boring affair and didn’t live up to expectations. To make matters worse, the press conference was delayed by two hours much to the frustrations of the baying crowd.

Once things got underway McGregor finally appeared on stage dressed in what looked like a pair of clowns pants with paisley flowers and frilly tassels. Deciding to leave his shirt in the dressing room, McGregor chose to wear a white furry polar bear skin coat with a huge snake decorating the back. Maybe for once, McGregor is uncomfortable having to speak to a crowd as he seemed disjointed in his speech and without any real agenda.

McGregor gave Mayweather a CD of Jay-Z 4.44 album, demanding he listens to it as it would teach Mayweather how to build and maintain a real empire. Next McGregor spoke about the media’s comments he is a racist. McGregor told the audience he is half black from the belly button down and then went on to offer all his black beautiful female fans a present and air humped the stage! McGregor taunted the crowd for someone to come up onto the stage and take his coat off him, which considering they have about 200 stage side security staff was a fairly pointless remark. All in all McGregor’s party train looked like it had come to a complete halt!

Mayweather laughed all the way through McGregor’s performance. With his mobile phone out he was busy taking selfies and videoing McGregor walking around the stage. When Mayweather took to the mic he ridiculed McGregor for tapping out like a bitch, not once, but three times, laughing and mocking the Irishman. Questioning how fans love a quitter and that real champions never quit! McGregor looked lost on how to reply to the taunt and instead sat there and just gazed towards the crowd. Mayweather’s next stunt was to toss handfuls of $1 bills over McGregor saying that was all he was worth. The funniest thing to happen was when Mayweather sent his security team to stand and block McGregor from the show, McGregor’s own team faced off and there was a heated exchange of words between both fighters entourages. Eventually, everyone sat back down before McGregor decided to go a front the big security men saying they couldn’t run to the end of the building and back as they were fat bitches.

Once both fighters had had their say the face off took centre stage. It would always be nice to hear what exactly they say to each other but from what you could lip read Mayweather was taunting McGregor saying “you can’t beat me, you are a quitter and I can fight you cannot!”

This rodeo was Mayweather’s as he humiliated McGregor who looked a little lost for words would you believe. Other than his standard expletives, McGregor had nothing of any real substance to say. Even Mayweather’s henchmen told McGregor to put a shirt on as he was embarrassing himself standing next to him.

So round three out of four completed and next stop, London. What will London produce for entertainment is uncertain, but once all this Showtime entertainment has stopped and the fighters can get back to training it will be only a matter of time before we find out who is a true fighting champion.

August 26th, don’t miss what is expected to be the fight of the century!

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