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Press Conference – London SSE Arena

London SSE Arena was the final destination for Mayweather and McGregor to complete their four stop press conference before they get back to training. After Los Angeles, Toronto and New York there was an air of uncertainty what exactly both fighters would say or do to finish off their series of taunts and humiliation of each other. Unlike in previous conferences instead of an open stage to parade around, the setting was where the two fighters would eventually be stepping into, a boxing ring.

Mcgregor Live

McGregor opted to dress in a suit this time, perhaps his clown pants and Polar bear skin coat didn’t go down as well as he had hoped for in his last press conference. McGregor opened his speech by pointing out how much he had come on in the last four years, from fighting in front of 500 people to now stepping into the biggest fight in the world. He was arrogantly happy that he is only having to fight half a fight. No elbows, knees, kicking but instead just boxing. McGregor mocked Mayweather for wearing high heels to look taller, insinuating he should have worn them from day one not day three as everyone could see the difference. McGregor took the opportunity to berate Mayweather’s juice head monkeys as he called them, slating them and laughing at them, mocking the fact that they were stood in the crowd and not on the stage like yesterday, and that they couldn’t do anything to McGregor. McGregor’s final point was that Mayweather had become greedy, he was a fool to fight for money as it would destroy his legacy. McGregor was adamant, there would be only one person victorious on the 26th August, and that person was him!

Mayweather Live

Mayweather took to the stage under a loud and raucous chant from the crowd of “who are ya, who are ya”. His answer was to walk around the ring and tear McGregor’s name off the ringside corner posts and destroy them. Mayweather taunted McGregor, again under to vocal crowd who this time was chanting “sit down, shut up”. Mayweather applauded Dana White, he congratulated him on using a “ho” like McGregor to make him his millions. He laughed at the crowd’s chants telling them that they can’t fight for him, he has to do that all on his own! He thanked McGregor telling him that both Dana White and he were using him, that they take these boy fighters and earn millions from them as they do what they are told to do. McGregor had no answer, instead, he just smiled and laughed, but chose not to use his mic to reply. Mayweather sat on McGregor’s table and arrogantly and defiantly put his foot on top of the table, staring at him and enticing him. Mayweather looked to unsettle McGregor, telling him to step his game up as he flashed his $1.4mil watch at McGregor. Mayweather continued to dig at McGregor, telling him the UFC had bought him nothing, whereas he had been given millions of dollars’ worth of gifts. McGregor genuinely looked unsettled at this point and if you were to award any kind of victory for a press conference battle, today Mayweather walked away the winner!

Now it’s down to business, the four stop tour is over and it’s time to get ready for the fight of the century. August 26th is a date you just cannot miss as two warriors put themselves on the line.

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