Floyd Mayweather Top 5 Knockouts

A man who needs little introduction, a man who has dominated the world of boxing for decades, a man who has an unblemished professional fight record, is that man Floyd “money” Mayweather. The American has defied all odds, he has faced anyone who has been put in front of him and has earned more money in his career than any other boxer. He is about to step out of retirement and put the gloves back one more time, this time to face a young, arrogant and explosive UFC champion, Conor McGregor. August 26th will be a date people will remember for years to come. But let’s take a look at some of Mayweather’s best moments in boxing and reasons why McGregor will have to be at the top of his game if he is to compete with this iconic boxing world champion.

Floyd Mayweather v Shane Mosley

May 1, 2010

This WBA super-welterweight title was a fight many fans will remember for a couple of reasons. Mayweather has notched up an impressive forty wins under his belt before he stepped into the ring against Mosely. The fight was one that many fans just couldn’t call as, despite Mayweather’s unblemished record, Mosely was one hell of a fighter. Mosely proved what a class act he was inside the second round as he did what so many other boxers had failed to do, connecting with two solid rights to wobble Mayweather and see him vulnerable for probably the first time in his career. Mayweather recovered well and having cleared his head, he then went to work on Mosely, dominating the fight with more aggression and showcasing an extremely skilled defence. The defence aspect of Mayweather’s game was so good that he became only the second boxer other than Roy Jones Jr, to go an entire round without taking a power punch. Mayweather eventually won a unanimous decision, with the judges scoring the fight 119–109, 119–109, and 118–110.

Floyd Mayweather v Ricky Hatton

Dec 08, 2007

On July 28, 2007, it was announced that Mayweather would come out of his brief retirement to fight The Ring light welterweight champion, Ricky Hatton. Hatton was loved by millions of fans across the world and for all the neutral fans out there, Hatton was who they were backing to beat Mayweather. Despite such love and following the fight was too much for Hatton to deal with. Mayweather bossed the fight from the outset and made Hatton look second rate. Hatton managed to catch Mayweather with a few decent punches but wasn’t able to do any real damage. A turning point in the fight was Hatton being penalised for hitting behind the head. This cost Hatton dearly and it was an uphill battle from then onwards. Mayweather kept applying the pressure and as Hatton tired, Mayweather found success as time after time using his straight right to do the damage. In the tenth round, Hatton walked onto a sweet left hook sending him to the canvas. Hatton rose to his feet but was visibly shaken and it took Mayweather little time or effort to knock Hatton out to win the fight.

Floyd Mayweather v Oscar De La Hoya

May 5, 2007

This fight was the fight everyone had been waiting for. The six-division champion and WBC light middleweight titleholder Oscar De La Hoya put his belt on the line and went toe to toe with Mayweather. Mayweather picked his shots early on in the opening rounds and looked comfortable with all De La Hoya had to offer. As the fight progressed De La Hoya came into his own and started taking the fight to Mayweather. De La Hoya won several of the midway rounds and was back to an even scorecard going into the later stages of the fight. Mayweather upped his game and dominated the last rounds of the fight. De La Hoya looked tired and drawn out, but managed to land a crunching blow in the eleventh round, testing all of Mayweather’s durability. The last round was explosive as both fighters gave their all and the decision from the judges went Mayweather’s way to keep his unbeaten record.

Floyd Mayweather v Jesús Chávez

November 10, 2001

Mayweather was under immediate pressure in this fight as Jesús Chávez through punch after punch at him. The statistics showed that Jesús Chávez landed over one hundred punches on average in the opening four rounds. Jesús Chávez opened up Mayweather’s defence, landing clean punches and taking the fight away from Mayweather. At times it looked like Mayweather literally had no answer to the barrage of punches as he stood motionless taking shot after shot! However, was one of the most outrageous tactics in the history of the sport about to unfold as having taken more punches in this fight than in his career to date added up together, Mayweather sent shivers down everyone’s spines as he systematically took Jesús Chávez apart. in the ninth round, both fighters dug deep but Mayweather’s pinpoint accuracy was devastating and when the bell rang, Jesús Chávez was pulled from the fight by his corner as they had seen enough from Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao

May 2, 2015

This fight was meant to happen years before it did, much to the disappointment of every boxing fan. Both fighters were past their best years and as much as the fight fans wanted to see a fight of the century, instead they watched two fighters do all that was necessary to get through the fight with self-preservation. Mayweather started the stronger of the two fighters and looked in control. Pacquiao looked a shadow of his former self and was not as aggressive as everyone had hoped he would be. Mayweather’s defence was a class act, leaving Pacquiao with just a nineteen percent success rate of landing his own punches. The fight went the distance and Mayweather won via unanimous decision with the scorecards reading 118–110, 116–112, and 116–112.

Mayweather’s last seven fights have all gone to the scorecards. Conor McGregor has assured everyone who watches this fight, that there will be no need for judges as he will finish the job in hand way before time is called! Will Mayweather need to find his expert defensive skills against the fiery Irishman or will Mayweather’s speed and power still be enough to stop him in his track on August 26th?

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