Conor Mcgregor Top 5 Knockouts

Conor McGregor has showcased his explosive power and gritty attitude throughout his MMA/UFC career. Known as an outspoken, outlandish Irishman, full of bravado and hype he has set the UFC on fire. If he was the size of his ego they would need to create a super, super heavyweight division as this man packs a verbal punch like no other!

However, as with all trash talkers, it is one thing talking the talk, but it is a whole different ball game when it comes to walking the walk. McGregor not only walks the walk, he runs it! During his impressive career of twenty-four fights, he has only lost three times, yet he has finished off eighteen of his opponents with his fists. Here are five of McGregor’s best beat downs in our opinion.

Conor McGregor v Marcus Brimage

April 6th 2013.

McGregor was yet to make a real name for himself and this fight against Marcu Brimage for many was considered a step too far, too soon in his career. With a professional record of 12-2 McGregor was unphased by the media and hype surrounding the fight and made it quite clear he was going to take the fight to Brimage and show him no respect. Brimage was 6-1 heading into the fight and was certainly not expected to be the walk-in-the-park he proved to be for McGregor. Brimage started the fight well, gaining instant control of the Octagon. Both fighters exchange blows and looked to gain control of the fight, McGregor kicking well and seemingly shrugging off any effort Brimage made to take the fight to McGregor. McGregor landed a big uppercut and followed that with a long kick to Brimage’s face and started taking early control of the fight. With excellent feet movement McGregor delivered blow after blow without return and in just sixty-seven seconds inside the first round, he delivered the fatal blow that sent Brimage to the canvas unable to defend himself.

Conor McGregor v Eddie Alvarez

November 12, 2016

Eddie Alvarez was McGregor’s last opponent and he was soon to be on the wrong end of a beating as McGregor set about him. Alvarez had little success in this fight, McGregor looking sharp and confident and dominating all that Alvarez threw at him. McGregor dropped Alvarez in the first round with a sweet double left hook that left Alvarez dazed. The fight continued and by the end of the first round, Alvarez was marked up and in a world of trouble. Round two was no improvement for Alvarez as McGregor dominated the fight, picking Alvarez off at will. In the third minute of the round, McGregor exploded with a left hook that sends Alvarez to the canvas again and at the point of no return as McGregor unleashed a barrage of punches forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Conor McGregor v Chad Mendes

July 11, 2015

In an explosive fight Mendes started well, getting McGregor onto the canvas within the opening seconds, however, McGregor defended well and rode the storm. Mendes managed the best of the exchanges and delivered many telling punches on McGregor, but the power was lacking and although McGregor was cut late on inside the first round, he didn’t look phased or worried about what Mendes was doing. Mendes finished the first round with McGregor on his back but it was to no effect. The second round was all but finished and with Mendes having had by far the better of the round, McGregor delivered a hammer left hook with just ten seconds to go, which left Mendes unable to continue the fight.

Conor McGregor v Ivan Buchinger

December 31, 2012

McGregor was fighting under the Cage Warriors banner at this stage of his career and was rapidly becoming a name people were remembering. Buchinger will certainly remember his fight with McGregor as the Irishman delivered blow after blow with pinpoint accuracy. Credit to Buchinger, he absorbed all of what was thrown his way and many other fighters would have been long gone under similar circumstances. However, despite Buchinger’s heart and will power, McGregor was relentless in his attacks and with one minute and twenty seconds left on the clock in the first round, McGregor slammed home a hammer of a left hook, taking Buchinger off his feet, out for the count and in no condition to continue the fight.

Conor McGregor v José Aldo

December 12, 2015

McGregor made our choice of his best ever knockout very easy when he faced up against José Aldo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pre-fight build up was immense, both fighters verbally abusing each other, demanding centre stage with the media and ridiculing each other. But as we all know, talk is cheap and it’s when the gloves are on and you are inside the ring that matters. For all the build-up and all the hype, the fighter took longer to walk to the ring than it did for McGregor to knock José Aldo clean out. In just thirteen seconds of the first round, and with devastating accuracy, McGregor delivered yet another trademark left hook to Aldo’s chin as Aldo stepped in to attack McGregor. The former two-time UFC Featherweight Champion was sent crashing to the canvas as McGregor followed up the knockout with a couple more shots before referee Big John McCarthy called an end to the fight.

Conor McGregor is a devastating fighter, a man who brings speed, accuracy, and power to every fight. He has honed his skills to the highest levels and is now going to put his boxing skills to the test against a five weight world boxing legend in the shape of Floyd Mayweather. If he can pull off this win it will be one of the biggest shocks in the history of boxing and one that will stun the boxing world and all its fans. McGregor is confident he can get close enough to land his left hook and knockout a man who has never lost a professional fight in his life. Big words from the Irishman, and on August 26th we will see if he can back up his words with actions!

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