Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor boxing betting tips

In some quarters the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is being billed as ‘Mixed Martial Arts vs. Boxing’ – but do the Irishman’s MMA colleagues believe he really has a chance of becoming the first man to beat ‘Money’ in a professional boxing ring?

McGregor burst onto the UFC scene when he stopped Marcus Brimage in just 67 seconds four years ago, and since that night in Stockholm he has rocketed to the very top of the sport, becoming the first man to hold UFC titles in two different weight classes at the same time. Now the biggest star in MMA is aiming to beat boxing’s number one draw and everyone has an opinion on it, but where should you get your boxing betting tips for this super-fight?

It has become painfully obvious that many boxing writers and pundits have very little knowledge about what McGregor will bring to this fight, with some suggesting he will, for example, be fighting the temptation to take Mayweather down to the mat. Anyone who knows anything about MMA will tell you the Irishman is not a man for fighting on the ground – he tried that once out of desperation and found himself tapping out rather quickly.

So if you are looking for a true insight into what McGregor will bring to the ring then you are best off looking to key figures in the world of mixed martial arts for your McGregor v Mayweather boxing betting tips. After all, these people know the UFC lightweight champion better than anyone, and when it comes to trainers they do not come any better than Tristar MMA coach Firas Zahabi.

“The one X factor is we still don't know the limit of Conor's left hand – will it knock someone out as efficiently as it does in MMA?” Zahabi told ESPN. “He was born with a gift… it's a mystery, that kind of power. Boxing coaches have tried to duplicate it. We're not crazy, we're trying to figure out how that's done, what it is exactly that makes someone hit that hard and no one truly knows.

“Mayweather has seen that before, at the highest level, and dealt with it beautifully many times over. Conor's going to try to land the left hand. He's not going to jab Mayweather to death. He's going to bully him, drive his forearms into his face. Don't forget a boxing match is 36 minutes. That's really a lot longer than we're used to in MMA, and we've seen Conor get tired in the past.”

But can McGregor pull off the miracle? If you are looking for McGregor v Mayweather boxing betting tips then Zahabi has two suggestions.

“If it goes into the later rounds, it won't be pretty. I don't think it will go 12 rounds. Either Conor catches him early or Mayweather puts him away in the later rounds.”

And when it comes to an MMA trainer having boxing knowledge, the best source for boxing betting tips is Mike Winklejohn of Jackson-Wink MMA. Winklejohn turned former boxing world champion Holly Holm in to a UFC women’s champion couple of years ago, and he believes McGregor can shock the world in Las Vegas.

“Floyd is going to go into his shell and hold his shoulder high,” Winklejohn told ESPN. “You can’t do that in MMA and you can’t do that in a street situation, but in boxing it’s a beautiful thing. He has a god-given knack of not getting hit and using his defensive ability so well.

“Conor’s got the power, though. I think Conor is a big, strong fighter who has speed and is a little slicker. What Conor can bring to the table is maybe some offline angles with his footwork that comes out of MMA and will be something Floyd might not be used to. Attack where Floyd can’t hide behind his shoulder.

“We’re going to know one way or the other right away. Conor comes with a game plan of attacking Floyd in a way he has never seen before. Once it fails, or I should say “if” it fails, then it will fall into a traditional boxing match, which obviously favours Floyd. I’ll tell you what, though, Conor’s got a smart camp, and they’re going to come up with something. It might be worth putting some money on Conor as the underdog.”

Everyone has an opinion on Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor so if you are looking for boxing betting tips for this fight you will not have to look far – but what are the experts in the sport predicting for August 26?

The universal feeling is that while McGregor is clearly one of the top fighters in all of mixed martial arts, he is out of his depth stepping inside a boxing ring with Mayweather, who boasts a perfect 49-0 professional record and has won world titles in five different weight classes, beating a whole host of big-name fighters along the way, including Manny Pacquiao, Saul Alvarez and Oscar de la Hoya.

Among his list of victims is British legend Ricky Hatton, who suffered his first pro defeat at the hands of ‘Money’, and if you are looking for boxing betting tips from ‘The Hitman’ he believes your best option is backing Mayweather to school McGregor for 12 rounds and claim a decision victory.

“I can’t say I’m a fan of it [the fight],” Hatton told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sportsweek. “I’m a fan of UFC, a fan of McGregor – he’s got character, he’s exciting, entertaining and value for money. I hope I don’t upset any Irish fans or Conor, but I can’t get excited about this fight one bit.

“When I look at some of the people Mayweather has beaten like Saul Alvarez – he’s not going to be as big a puncher as Alvarez, and he couldn’t lay a glove on him. I feel embarrassed to say this but I’d be very surprised if he wins a round.

Floyd Mayeather vs Conor McGregor“I hope he does well. I hope he wins. There’s no doubt whose corner I’m in, but if you’re asking me to be brutally honest I can’t see anything other than a shut-out for Mayweather. I think it could be a 12-round onslaught, to be honest with you.”

Former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis shares Hatton’s belief that this is going to be a one-sided shut-out, but he disagrees with the ‘The Hitman’ about when the fight will come to an end. If you are looking for boxing betting tips from Lewis, he is suggesting backing Mayweather to record his first stoppage victory since September 2011.

“I can’t take it serious,” Lewis told ESPN. “Mayweather is the best in his weight class, no one can touch him in boxing. Floyd will stop him. He’s just too good at boxing for McGregor and McGregor is just too inexperienced. I wouldn’t buy it – but I would be interested in the result. To me, I know who is going to win already so there’s no use in watching it.”

So does anyone in the boxing world really think that McGregor can do what the likes of de la Hoya, Hatton, Alvarez, Pacquiao failed to do when they stepped into the ring with Mayweather? Ex-heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has made the outrageous prediction that McGregor can knock out Mayweather “in the first 35 seconds”, while the last man to step into the boxing ring with ‘Money’, Andre Berto, has claimed “anything can happen” on August 26.

But when it comes to boxing betting odds for this big fight nobody has been more emphatic with his expert prediction than former trainer turned television analyst Teddy Atlas – a man who is well known for saying exactly what he thinks.

“[McGregor’s] in there with a defensive genius and they’re taking advantage of your imaginations,” Atlas said during an appearance on ESPN. “‘Oh, he’s got a puncher’s chance.’ Guys like [Marcos] Maidana, Pacquiao, Canelo — they were better punchers than McGregor and better fighters. They couldn’t hit him [Mayweather and they couldn’t hurt him. So, really a puncher’s chance? Those are words, those are words to sell the fight. But in reality, not really a puncher’s chance.

“At the end of the day, myself, most boxing people that have been around the business think it’s a caveman in there with a defensive genius – and usually cavemen don’t win those matches because, in this case, they’re not allowed to bring a club. Even if he brought a club, you know what? There would be a lot of strikes. I don’t think that he’d be catching Floyd too easily with that.”

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