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August 26th Fight Of The Century

So with all the hype and media frenzy over the last week regarding the “fight of the century“, things got back to normal for both fighters in preparation for the August 26th.

Doubts were cast over McGregor’s ability to box when Chris van Heerden posted a video to twitter sparring with the UFC Champion. McGregor looked overwhelmed and without answers to Heerden’s jab and combinations. Heerden picked McGregor off at will and made light work of the sparring session.

Now to make matters worse and to cast further doubts over the champions boxing ability, former world champion Jessie Vargas claimed that McGregor was knocked out in a sparring session recently. In a video recording walking around a lake, Vargas was talking about McGregor and his chances or rather lack of chances of winning against Floyd Mayweather. Vargas mentioned McGregor was supposedly knocked out in training and that was what was being said around the boxing fraternity. There are no solid foundations to back up Vargas and certainly no footage of the supposed knockout, but if it is true, this casts more doubt as to the task ahead of McGregor.

Mcgregor Training for August 26th

In many ways, McGregor has absolutely nothing to lose. Yes, he is a formidable UFC fighter and has destroyed opponents that have stood in his way. But UFC is a far cry from boxing, the fighters may well hit hard inside the Octagon but they will not hit him as hard as a five weight, undefeated world boxing champion will. Nor will his opponents have had the speed and accuracy, not to mention defensive skills that Mayweather will bring to the ring.

If or perhaps when McGregor loses, you can already predict his press conference. “I went toe to toe with a world, undefeated boxing legend. I fought him in his own comfort zone. I gave my all but it wasn’t enough” Not that Mayweather in his right mind would do so, but you can see McGregor asking Mayweather to step into the Octagon. Which in all fairness would be as daft for Mayweather as it is for McGregor to step into a boxing ring.

But don’t forget one thing, McGregor can punch, and as with every boxer, he has a punchers chance. If he manages to connect and land on the button we will see if Mayweather still has his durability and will to survive. But the question has to be, can he connect? The Bookies seem to favour a Mayweather masterclass.

August 26th we will find out when both fighters step into the ring.

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